Nazi Zombie Station

Nazi Zombie Station
By: [ZCT]CoDMapper

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Version: Beta

Author: [ZCT]CoDMapper

Map Size: Small-Medium
Gametype Support: Zombie Mode (Co-op/Single-Player)

Alright, here is Nazi Zombie Station, this started out as a MP map for The Rising, then converted to regular MP, and now it’s Nazi Zombies. You are in a dark subway system, you start out in a tunnel with little rooms off to the side where zombies come from, some accessible to players. Then, after unlocked a couple blockers you reach a big station, go explore the rest


ZCT Mod 2 is included already with this map.

Mission Screen doesn’t work because of mod.

Description: This is the first beta release of this map, so please report bugs to me on xfire hokiesfan4 or PM me.



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