Nazi Zombie NDU2

Nazi Zombie NDU2
By: Gbomb

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nazi_zombie_ndu2 is a large scale zombie map. From the original zombie map Nacht der Untoten, the bunker is once again being ravaged by the zombie hordes! Although the bunker is the same the map is totally changed. I’ve added lots of new features and playing areas to open and explore. Ndu2 offers all the best features of Der Riese. This map will not be updated so please keep any bugs private. Thanks, Gbomb

    * All Der Riese sounds.
    * Pack a Punch
    * Mainframe and 3 teleporters to hook up.
    * All four perks
    * Lots of hell hounds.
    * Lots of un-lockable rooms and doors.
    * Monkey Bombs and Bowie knife.
    * Easter eggs
    * Moving weapons box.
    * Bouncing Betty.
    * Lots of special effects and more!
    * Cheat protection not enabled, you’ll probably need them!
    * Buyable Auto turret.



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