Nazi Zombie Silent Hill School

Nazi Zombie Silent Hill School
By: crackshot

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This is the first map released in the silent hill map pack.  This map was based off of the school in the movie Silent Hill.  
I made it as close as possible to the school from the movie. This map was made Der Reise style.


– custom & standard guns (mp guns)
– custom sounds
– bunch of custom textures
– zappers
– flogger
– packa punch
– teleporters
– artillery
– auto turrets
– riser zombies
– hell hounds
– fx
– added solo button
– added more powerup drops
– buyable powerup
– secret ending

Know bugs:

When you link teleporters, it may say teleporter cooling down” or press f to link” but it still works just fine other than that most bugs were fixed in beta testing and havent found any since


This map was meant to be hard and because of that I didnt disable cheats like I was going to. So if you think you have skills then play without cheats and
if you don’t have skills then you know what they say “if you cant take the heat, then get out of the kitchen” and cheat.


I did not portal this map and you MAY have to lower your graphic settings if you have lag or you have a low quality graphics card. I pushed radiant to the max adding as many things as I could for better quality and better experience. All of the beta testers did not have any problem.

Special thanks:

demunvirus- for loadscreen and some custom textures
hog rampage- for auto turrets
Tombmx – artillery
CustomCOD – for the mapping opportunity and for hosting custom maps

Thanks for playing nazi_zombie_shschool, stay tuned for more of the map pack. HAVE FUN AND LEAVE FEEDBACK




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