Nazi Zombie Nordafrika

Nazi Zombie Nordafrika
By: Fuzzy4Peaches

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This map has 4 main rooms, it is quite small but don’t underestimate, there is lots of spots to get cornered. That is basically all I can really describe, it is sweet and simple, meaning that it is a prototype map. I recommend for you to play with 2-4 players because of that.

Known Bugs
– A zombie was targetting a blocked off room, you may time to time see him die in the courtyard area, this is supposed to happen.
– Zombies may get stuck in wall, near the window adjacent to the stairs in the 2nd area.

– Fuzzy Peach Productions for mapping/creating the map
– kyluin & Crackshot for BETA testing and suggestions
– The author of script Placer v1.1 for scripting almost everything
– Anyone I forgot to mention
Thanks For Playing and Enjoy!



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