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The Basics – The original description given by the mapper himself was that this was “a place”. And when that happens I’m forced to improvise.  You and your friends, chaps, mates or amigos (I think I represented everyone here) just finished a good old fashion pub crawl and the sun is coming up. Bad news is that none of you have used the bathroom all night and if you can’t make it to one quick your bladders are going to explode. Your mission: Find the last stand bathroom and hold it down as long as possible. GO!

What We Liked – The map felt like it has good progression and the areas were pretty close quarters to keep the danger level nice and high. After you open a few doors it is on and you better get some good weapons quick and find that bathroom.

What We Didn’t Like – It’s an old map so it suffers from showing its age. It could use some objectives, a buyable ending, custom guns, etc. but really it did all that you could ask from a map that came out back in 2008.

The Final Word –  It’s a fun playthrough if you have some friends. One of you can pretend to be Nick Frost the other Simon Pegg and the other two can just be the no name characters that get eaten and you wonder why you never saw them until they appeared for their death scene. Cheers!




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