Nazi Zombie Core2

Nazi Zombie Core2
Version: 1.3 By: deleon78

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Deleon78 proudly presents: Nazi Zombie Core 2 v1.3

6 months in the making..

This is a map with a difference!

Apart from its overwhelming size, there’s a creative/artistic blend of science fiction and horror design, and atmosphere throughout the map.All cleverly pieced together to give an exciting original zombie map.With intense game play, that will have you craving for more

*The biggest map to date.

*The same sci-fi/horror atmosphere with much more intensity.

*Prototype style so mods can be applied.

*Custom music triggered by player

*All sprinter zombies from round 1 with increased health.

*Zombies and players can jump from massive drops to follow u and some come through the ceilings in places to attack.

*Death traps

*Custom blockers/barricades

*Lots of custom textures

*Vast amount of unlockable areas/switches.very little in way of hidden unlike core1.

*Weapons not included in core 1 including the ppsh/type 99/100/tokarev/walther/grenade pistol and more.

*mounted guns

*Water areas linked to other parts of the map.

*All maps major locations link up

*Lots of random boxes(some with a twist)

*Lots of edited FX

*Visually unique

*More gore and nasty S*** than any other map.And some nice 
surprises along the way.

*Anti cheat system apart from revive_trigger_radius and sprint cheat.


*Move quickly from the start..there’s plenty of time to chill in a couple of areas.Not all the map is as hard as the start!

*If you escape the first room, you have the choice to go to 3 main sections of the map, all of which will link you back to another point within the map.

*Rebuild as much as poss..there’s unlimited rebuild points!

*When jumping into water sections be sure not to land on anything solid and in the water(If you die from a very large height its game over!)

*Make use of the ‘free’ frag grenades, you can get at least 8 grenades for your player.

*Any spikes or fire when walked into will harm your health!

*Watch out for zombie droppers

*The ray gun(I think) has been removed!

Special Thanks:


servo vertri ex abyssus-save yourself from hell!

Author: Deleon78



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