Nazi Zombie Cage

Nazi Zombie Cage
By: Tom_BMX

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Your mission

Open up all the rooms and transport the shapes from one end fo the map to the other to unlock the buy-able ending.

Can you defeat the cage ?!?

*Objective based game play
*Winnable ending
*Timed Game play (edited for this map)
*Random open/close randomboxes
*Laser blockers
*Laser Traps
*Target Game
*Shape Game
*Solo load video
*Random msgs on walls
*Custom models
*Custom animations
*Custom textures
*Custom Menu
*Custom FX
*Custom sounds
*Cheats Disabled

Laser blockers are both blockers and traps once you have opened the blocker it then can be reactivated by flipping the adjacent lever turning on deadly lasers for 30 seconds.
The levers for the traps are only on one side except the middle room which has a lever on both sides of the trap.

Green lasers are safe 

Red lasers will kill anything, so watch out !

Tower Target Game:

There are 4 towers located outside the windows which after around 1-2mins a random tower will faintly light in red as seen below. This means that there is a target in the tower (can be inside or on top). There are two target types one is the shape of a target the other is megan fox. Shoot the target for a reward like cash, perks, powerups and upgraded guns. But be sure not to shoot megan or she will punish you for your itchy trigger finger !



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