Nazi Zombie Zenith

Nazi Zombie Zenith
By: Paragalor

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Nazi Zombie Zenith


by Paragalor


On a dark stormy night in the year 2006, four British soldiers are stumbling about a dark forest, looking for shelter from the unforgiving rain…

Griggs: Uggh, this rain is jamming up my MG. I’m not gonna be able to shoot that many Russians without a working gun.

Price: Griggs, stop whining and just use your USP if we run into any trouble. Now look for any form of shelter from this rain.

Soap: Price, I see a building up ahead! It looks a bit decrepit, but it’ll do.

Roach: Are we seriously going in THERE?

Price: Yes Roach, and since you seem SO enthusiastic about it, why don’t you head on in?

Roach: Grrr, fine!

Inside the building…

Soap: Why are these abandoned buildings always so dark? Griggs, turn on the power.

Griggs: Yes sir. (throws a hefty switch)

Soap: That’s better. Now let’s see what’s in h-

Roach: SHHHHH!!! Did you hear that?

Price: It’s nothing, Roach, stop overreacting!

Griggs: Price, I don’t think he’s joshing us this time!

Soap: ZOMBIES!!!

Price: All right men, get ready for some action! Let’s try to reach the top while we kill these disgraces to life!

Griggs, Soap, Roach: YES SIR!!!

This is Zenith, my first map! It’s a map that features seven floors of difficult zombie murder. All the best items are on the top, so you better get there quick, before you’re zombie food! Can you survive? Can you reach the zenith?



  • ZCT (Zombie Chicken Taco) Weapons
  • ZCT Perks
  • ZCT Zombie Ranks
  • Buyable Ammo
  • Auto Turrets
  • Tom_BMX’s Music Box with four zombie mode songs
  • Seven floors of challenging zombie swarms



  • Tom_BMX (Music Box and quite a bit of help scripting)
  • nefarious (awesome kick-butt trailer and beta testing)
  • hihellobyeoh (beta testing)
  • And a LOT of other people who supported me, beta tested, and pointed me in the right direction. Thanks, everybody!



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