Doll House 2 (SC and ZCT Version)

Doll House 2
Version: SC and ZCT By: ZCTxCHAOSx

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The Basics: This map puts you in a world where you are as small as a toy soldier and must work your way through a normal size house to complete some objectives and make your escape. There are two versions of the map; a harder version called ZCT Dollhouse 2 and an easier version called SC Dollhouse 2. The differences are that they both have different weapon sets, the barriers on the ZCT version cost more, the SC or Special Combat version has AI help as well as buyable powerups like Double Points and Instakill to make killing and point building easier.

What We Like: I love the setting of being a small soldier in an oversized world and the fact that it looks pretty good especially for being an older map. The layout of the map is well done and keeps things pretty challenging especially solo, but still offers creative escape routes to keep things interesting and to keep you on the move. The map came out a few years back and was one of the first to have you shoot those evil teddy bears in order to complete your objectives. And this map actually does this the right way by hiding the teddy bears in fun and mysterious places. It makes good use of the ZCT Mod with the option to adjust the difficulty and even after playing it for the hundredth time I still love running around all of the great places that there are to go on this map.

What We Didn’t Like: Nothing. I think that this map is perfect just the way it is and it’s better looking and offers more fun that than most maps that come out even now.

Final Word: The ZCT Mod is really fun for this map; having to run around for the dropping perks hoping for the essential ones like Armor Regen (Jug) and Slight of Hand and then kicking yourself when you almost die trying to get to a perk only to get Fast Rebuilding. If you are struggling to beat it solo you may want to play the SC Dollhouse version and turn off the difficulty mod, but if you are a hardened veteran then fire up ZCT Dollhouse and prepare to get destroyed by those cursed phase shifting zombies. Truly a custom zombie classic.




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