Project X

Project X
By: JV

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Mapped by – JV
Scripted by – JV and Aidan

It’s all over the news.
Four marines have been sent on a mysterious mission to a laboratory facility “X-Laboratories”.
A highly damaged laboratory because of unknown reasons.
This is the story of these four marines.
Watch and reveal the world in their eyes.
Or are you gonna reveal the hell in their eyes?

Are you planning to escape in this huge laboratory while a realm of undead scientists
and laboratory workers are rising from the ground..

..or will you end up like them?

ProjectX is objective based.
A helicopter is located on the rooftop,
You will have to activate the moving emergency stair in order to reach it.

Map contains,

 Custom sounds
 Custom guns
 Custom teleporters
 Custom scripts
 Cheat protection
 ProjectX styled (Custom fog, weather, overall settings)
 Around the 300 custom textures/images
 Around the 100 CoD4 models
 Around the 100 fx including custom fx
 Kino Der Toten styled teleporter
 Large Easter Egg

Credits list,

 UMP-45 by the [UGX] team
Beta testers,


Alpha testers,

I am absolutely proud to announce..




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