Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship
By: Spitfireskater33

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The Basics: You begin on a tiny fenced it island with a pathway leading up to a pirate ship and then another larger island on the other side of the ship where the PAP machine is located.

What We Like: The is the first map that I ever saw the handstand crawlers on and I will never forget that. It is kinda cool to be on a pirate ship fighting the undead and camping the bridge leading to the PAP means easy survival for a long time.

What We Didn’t Like:  It’s a really small map and if you really care about surviving your options on where you can fight are pretty limited. There is no buyable ending and no objectives which means that since the map is so small that you will may lose interest very quickly. Also, the almost neon green and red colors do get annoying after a while as well.

The Final Word: Pirate Ship is a map that can be fun for a while and being on a pirate ship does feel unique, but once the newness wears off you will probably be left wishing that there was a little more to do and a few more places to open.



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