Nazi Zombie Darklegion

Nazi Zombie Darklegion
By: Darklegion

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Mapped by – DARKLEGION
fixed corrupted – Tom-Bmx
The map contains:

_Auto_turrets dance1
_Zombie_counter dance1
_Wind dance1
_Menu_music_make_by_stig4532 dance1
_Music_box dance1
_All_the_powerups dance1
_Buyable_powerups dance1
_Zombie_uniforms_By_X_President dance1
_All_4_perks dance1
_Perk_HUD_ZM dance1
_Buyable_upgrade_weapons_only(the others in the box(not upgrade) dance1
_Buyable_airstrike dance1

mhhh i can’t fix the errors on the map for what i deleted it( fight1) the weapon beretta not have aim and don’t work the knife,
I CAN’T DISABLE THE CONSOLE( fight1) and others errors

thanks to all for the help!!!!! in specialy: Towniy, Tom_Bmx, stig4532, Mrhankey91, npissoawsome, Cinnober, Paragalor and Darkflame(for the mods tools)


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