UGX Christmas

UGX Christmas
Version: 1.4 By: W1NG3D

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This map features UGX Mod v0.5b! 

Note that this is not the full UGX mod – several features are unavailable or incomplete, and there could still be some bugs; so consider this a public beta/preview of the full mod which will be released in 2012. :)


Hordes of undead elves have cornered you into a small church in the middle of a fierce snowstorm; can you save Christmas from these fiends?

UGX Christmas is a special release, a way of saying ?Merry Christmas!? to all of you fantastic COD zombie lovers; it?s also the first release to feature an early snapshot of the UGX Mod, which has been tailored specifically to this map to offer a more festive experience.

The UGX mod not only features modern weapons from Call of Duty 4, as well as our own custom-made weapons, but also some fun gameplay additions. 


Gungame – In Gungame, your goal is to reach the goal score of 50,000 points. Every 500-6000 points, you receive a new gun to kill zombies with. You will also find that some zombies spawn with fire on their hands. This indicates that they will drop a UGX powerup upon death. You can find a list of UGX powerups below. 

Arcademode – In Arcademode, you will enjoy endless zombie killing with zombies dropping UGX powerups and fighting through boss rounds.

Classic – In Classic, you will find the classic style of zombie gameplay that we have all come to know and love. There are no UGX powerups (only Treyarch ones), and no boss rounds, but the UGX modern weapons are still in this mode.

UGX Powerups:

Gun Advancement – Only appears in Gungame; this powerup will automatically raise you to the next gun in line, putting you father ahead of your competition.

Points Advancement – Only appears in Gungame; this powerup will give you a random amount of points which will help you advance towards your next gun.

Degradation – Only appears in Co-Op Gungame; this powerup will choose a random player (maybe even you!) and lower them down one gun, putting them father behind in the game.

Random – this powerup will give you a random powerup from this list.

Points Multiplier – this powerup will give you a 2x score multiplier, helping you gain points and guns faster.

Juggernaut – this powerup gives you infinite health, albeit its effects are only temporary!

Quickfoot – this powerup will make you walk much faster for a short amount of time.

Terminator – this powerup gives you unlimited ammo and increases your weapon?s fire rate for a limited time.

Killshot – this powerup increases bullet damage (like Stopping Power).

Custom Weapons:

XM8 Assault Rife

USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun

UMP .45 Submachine Gun

Custom Zombies:

Elf Zombies – these are your generic zombies, modeled to look like santa’s undead helpers.

Mrs. Clause – Santa’s sexy wife. Beware, she’s a bit queasy and is in a lot of pain.


Tripwire Interactive  (for the elf, reindeer, and Mrs. Clause models that we ported to WaW)




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