By: Rampage

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The Basics: Trapped inside a very “Doom-like” facility; you must survive as long as you can from an enemy that can appear from anywhere. You will never be safe and you will die many times; but can you learn from your mistakes and if you do, how much time will that buy you? This map is like 3-4 years old I believe, but it could easily fit as a map that came out this year.

What We Like: From what I can tell there is no end to this map, so go ahead and scratch “Hope to survive” off of your bucket list. Zombies not only come in through windows, but also many spawn in with electricity much like the dogs do. They are also surprisingly quiet so you will be twitching to look in all directions constantly trying to see where the next zombie is coming from. Also, there is not much room to move around and you will be spending every free moment you get trying to figure out how your going to survive the next round – or even the next 30 seconds for that matter. There are also perks bottle drops as well as the 4 basic perk machines.

What We Didn’t Like: This map is very hard especially solo and since it is older it lacks any modern-day comforts.

Final Word: This is a seriously TENSE experience and Rampage was able to capture a very real feeling of fear that few mappers seem to be able to do. Even though it is older this is still an outstanding map and blows away most maps that come out even in 2014.




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