Nazi Zombie 333

Nazi Zombie 333
By: Geek008

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Hello All.

So Here I Am Again, Saying That I Have Found A Hobby.
Map Making, Not That Im Good At It But Its Fun. brainfood1
Anyway You Are Here For The Map. owned2

Prototype Style + ZCT MOD2.
Modern Weapons.
Altered Zombie Counter.
Perk Drops.
1 Box. (You Only Need One).
Music Box(Now With Custom s**t Songs).
Beta Testers Wall.
Text File In Mod Folder.
Solo Loadscreen.
Wall Guns. (With The WW2 Weapons Equivalent Model On The Wall).

Known Bugs:
I Did Block It Off But Be Careful The Rotating Objects. hhhhmm, If You Get Close Enough (I Dont Know How) You Will Get Stuck In Them. If You Do, Send Me A ScreeenShot and There’s +1 Karma For Skill.

You Are Sent To A Japanese Base On Recon and You Come Under Fire.
You Manage To Kill The Japanese Soldiers But Are Soon Overrun By Dozens Of Monsters(Zombies).
You Fall Back To The Roof Top But Are Soon Surrounded As The Zombies Come From Behind.

No Hope Is Left For The Special Ops Team. Stay Connected For The Upcoming Sequel Nazi_Zombie_444 (The Truth Be Told).
Staring: Tank Dempsy, Nikolai, Takeo and Everyone’s Favorite Dr Edward Richtofen.

Thanks To The Beta Testers. (Names On Wall and In Mods Folder Text File).

Solo Load screen Is In The Mod Folder, Just Place It In Your CoDWaW RootMainVideo. Thats It.


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