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Yote's Lair

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Created By:  ZCT xCHAOSx

When the Walmarts of the World      are destroyed by the Zombie Acockalypse…  Your next best chance at survival is with the ZombieSlaya himself YOTESLAYA.  He has been nice enough to construct this Zombie Acockalypse Survivin’ Lair.


– Customized Der Reise Scripts

– Tom.BMX Custom weapons:
*Melee*  Axe, Katana, Shovel
*Pack a Punch Capable

( NOTE: ) Tom Custom Weapons will only be found through Easter Egg type of objectives.

– YOTESLAYA Themed.  Custom voice and sounds recorded specifically for this map.

– Music Box – 3 stock songs, 3 custom songs (None of the custom songs will be subject to copywrite on YouTube.)  

– Treminoar Banking System (One location on the map but does earn good interest)

– Flogger from Shi No Numa

– Semi Hidden PaP Location as well as door triggers are hidden around as control panels.

– Juggernaut and Tesla Bug FIXED!

– Couple Easter Eggs not counting the ones to get Tom Custom Weapons.

– Friendly Custom Named AI. (You can kill any of them but me…  fight1 )

– And of Course… BUYABLE ENDING 



Theme, Custom Voice, Intro Voice, Music Box Sound

– http://www.youtube.com/user/yoteslaya

JV – 

Der Reise Would not have happened without you.  Also added my custom sounds/music.

Tom BMX –  

3 NEW CUSTOM MELEE Weapons, Custom MINIGUN with Pack a Punch Version

EssoFPS – 

Testing A LOT, Trailer 

– http://www.youtube.com/user/ESSOfps

PredictableNOVA – 

Custom Images in map, Menu/Load Screens

– http://www.youtube.com/user/PredictableNOVA


Two Custom Songs in the music box: Last Man Standing and Stillborne 
(You Sir are a BADASS!!)

– http://www.youtube.com/user/cjgarof

Conway22 –


– http://www.youtube.com/user/HDZombieKiller

SpiderBite and NextGenTactics –

World’s Collide 

– http://www.youtube.com/nextgentactics

CzarMorte (Katie the ZombieSlaya) –

 Probably reviving me a few dozen times

– New Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/czarmorte

Treminoar –


ZombieModding User Tut Section –

Thank you to all who post tutorials on ZombieModding.  I cannot remember all that I used, but if you post in there it was most likely you, so thank you!

Solo Load Buttons are included.  Just hit Yote’s Lair SOLO to play SOLO.



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