Nazi Zombie Testicales

Nazi Zombie Testicales
By: BoopDeePoop

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– Fixed playermodels, HELL YEAH!
– Fixed broken hinstrings, EVEN MORE HELL YEAH!
– Added colored text, FUUUUUUU-ANTASTIC!
– Took some guns out of the box, aww. Only the crappy ones, HOLY FUUUU!

So that’s it and this is probably the last and only update too.

– The lighting seems to go through one wall in the power room, not important and probably not going to fix because I have no idea how to.

This is my first zombie map so don’t have high expectations. I’ve tried putting some detail in the map and I tried my best. So here it is, nazi_zombie_testicales.

Note: This map does not actually contain testicales. Also, these pictures are sort of outdated and I’m too lazy to do an update.

Also, thanks to Conway (For making the video tutorials), Tom_Bmx, and CustomCoD for all of the help!

Features Time!

  • No dogs!
  • All 4 perks!
  • Secret areas!
  • Buyable PPSh and Max Ammo!
  • Pack-A-Punch
  • Outside Area



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