Nazi Zombie Bazar 2

Nazi Zombie Bazar 2
By: nikfar1

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    • der reise style
    • custome picture
    • dogs
    • you have 2 way for finishing the game
    • buyable max ammo
    • COD8 texture and COD4 model
    • buyable secret raygun
    • rotating models and brushes
    • 4 perkrs  and pap
    • friendly ai
    • physics in game
    • buyable monkey ,betty and good gun
    • some music and vocal changed
    • perk machines changed
    • custome zombie skin
    • music box and easter egg
    • custome load,mission+game over
    • you can ruin the wall and start some fx
    • zombie counter
    • zapper
    • the projector that you can show image on the wall and change picture+tv
    • sign and hint for help
    • ======


you are in  a mal and must  find a way to get out
but Which way is safe for Escape?

I made it base on prototype too(nazi_zombe_bazar)but I want to release  der reise style now.
You have fun and action, I would like everyone to try it.
special thanks to:
-Tom_bmx(Music box) and great tutorials
– all friends in this forum that helped me in tutorial section
-MrHankey91 – Script placer



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