Nazi Zombie Sh Bunker

Nazi Zombie Sh Bunker
By: Andressh

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Update v1.1
-Fixed Zombie Bug when going upstairs
-A Little more light
-Added Ray Gun to Mistery Box

So. This is my first map and i just don’t know what to say. i hope you like it because it took me like 5 weeks to make. if there is anything wrong with the map just tell me please.

-ZCT Mod 2.0 with Modern Weapons + Ray Gun
-Usable MG42
-Usable Triple25mm (Missing Sounds)
-Mistery Box
-Tom’s Music Box (I couldn’t add more songs than the original ones)
-Buyable & Drop Powerups
-2 Friendly AI with M16 & M4

The Map is basically a pyramid and you start at the top and open doors to the bottom
To play solo its: devmap nazi_zombie_sh_bunker

Known Bugs/Errors: (I Hope someone can help me with this)
-Triple25mm has no sounds.
-If you get killed while using the Triple25mm the map will crash. (run when they’re close)



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