Nazi Zombie Danger

Nazi Zombie Danger
By: 5Flash25

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Well this is my first map, I have been having a lot of trouble with my computer at the moment and not much time to do anything about it, but I do still plan on finishing it when my computer and school let me.


I guess its a warehouse or something… i didn’t plan what it was going to be before I made it. It’s a relatively small map with no huge open areas to easily run circles, it still lacks a lot of detail. I plan on adding a lot of stuff including risers and maybe some sort of teleporters. As far as I know there are no game braking glitches.

For now this map includes:

-The PaP machine.
-All 4 perks.
-Dog rounds, but they only spawn in the first room.
-Only window zombies.(no risers)
-Moving random box.
-Buy-able guns.
-buy-able doors (a few hidden).
-Zombie counter.
-And of course a hidden Raygun.

I would be really happy to see people try this out, so far only me, my brother and my friend have tested it, looking forward to any kind of feedback I really am a noob at this (for now).
Have fun.

Here are some screenshots:



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