Nazi Zombie Trop

Nazi Zombie Trop
By: TheNiceUb3r

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Ok everyone so I would first like to thank you for viewing my topic this map was mainly made for as it says 15 hours to make it!!

Ok so I would like to say that this map was made in 15 hours as said and will NOT be as good as other maps such as seelow and etc. It is still a very fund map and for a story line I would have to give it a small one that will be below…

[box title=TitleBox]Husband: Babe something don’t feel right I keep hearing this really weird noises
Wife: Well why not go out side and check?
Husband: Ok I will be right back
Wife: Okay
Husband: Well just got back their is nothing out side

a few hour later the wife wakes up in the middle of the night

Wife: Babe wake up
Husband :”Snooring”
Wife: Ok I will go check this one out myself

A few moments later

Wife “ahhhhhhh”


Husband wakes up and goes down stares to see that his wife is on the floor dead and a zombie is over her body

he quicky runes up stares and grabs is colt
runs back down and starts shootig
after the first was dead they just came and came and came
he kept them off as long as he could[/box]

Okay everyone I would first like to say that I really enjoyed making the map. I will have to say that the funnest part was the fx and trying to get it all done with in 15 hours!

Some of the basic features of the map are

double tap
quick revive
speed cola

Here are some of the cooler feature I had time to add with the map time of 15 hours

Timed gameplay
multiplier weapons
secret cool guns
custom fx
regular fx

Ok everyone well that is the map as I said 15 hours it is not going to be the best map out their but its pretty good for the time



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