TMG Shooting Gallery

TMG Shooting Gallery
By: quizz

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Mapping by Snoekdawg and Quizz | A few models provided by cfgfactory

 Team: Shoot the three moving signs when they are unlocked
 Individual: Finish the three steps in the control panel
 Team: Reach the escape teleporter and teleport away (cost: 250 headshots)
 Shooting Gallery
 Nikolai: Whahaha! I got my vodka!
 Dempsey: It was a trap, we had to re suply, and the zombies were already there..
 Takeo: The enemy knows us, While actually, we should know enemy!
 Richtofen: Next, head over to the training area!
 Dempsey: And why would we…
 *Teleporting sounds*
 Dempsey: Damn you! Were already there!
 Richtofen: Seems like my kids have killed everyone here hahahaha
 Dempsey: Shut up! Why are there walls in between us?!
 Takeo: We have to wait, I remember this from armory, they will open soon!
 Samantha *Lets make it a little more fun, Only use single shot weapons hahahahaha*
 Takeo: There we go!
 —–Take over control and get them to the next objective!—–
 – MW Weapons
 – MW2 Weapons
 – Black ops weapons
 – Custom weapons
 – 5 bundle-able guns
 – Bundle machine
 – Pack a Punch
 – Unlimited zombies
 – Win-able
 – Competitive
 – No dogs
 – Power
 – 4 Perks
 – Only single shot weapons
 – Easter egg’s
 – Shoot oil lamps to activate them.

-Turn spec maps on!!!! and never turn them off, ever again
-turn images to automatic (if that doesnt work just try different image qualities until it does :) )
-restart waw after changing these options.



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