Psychotic Journey

Psychotic Journey
Version: 1.0 By: deathclonic

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This map is named after my first song I created over a year ago.

As for the actual map, it’s nicely detailed and I’m focusing on a certain theme. The story is the most important part of this map to me, so here’s what I have so far in the spoiler.

   Sometimes dreams become reality. In my case the dreams are all around me, constantly haunting me and watching my every move.
    They play games with my head and cloud my vision, my reality. Saving myself seems impossible, therapy has failed me.
    I escaped the asylum and ventured into a new world, my world. A world where my demons are real.

Map Progress:

   -Death Clonic: Level Designer, Menus, FX, Main menu music, edited in game sounds.
   -Sajeone: Crowbar
   -Aidan: Random loadouts when spawning, helped with getting zombies eye fx working correctly.
   -Earth: Helped with mp guns
   -Tom_bmx: made a tut for the anti cheat I used



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