Nazi Zombie Big

Nazi Zombie Big
By: trooper

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This is a large der riese style map. There is no shortage of zombies or blockers. The console is active. Where you buy a trigger may open something somewhere else so always be looking and listening. This is a team effert map but can be played solo. As you try to work your way to the ending you will find yoursefl on an island. After making it to the island try to work your way back to the begining. If you can achieve this we ask that you post your scores and level in the downloads comment section. We have made it to the island and back to the begining and back to the island but we did make the map and know where everything is. Its not only a large map but its a fun map. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feed back.

Special thanks to :
sniperbolt,tombmx,mr hanky,BamSKATER33. Without these guys modding would be no
fun. Thanks to bowtie,rich,dpike and any other bata tester I may have forgoten.



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