Last Stand Christmas

Last Stand Christmas
By: quizz

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Last Stand Christmas

Christmas Time Is Upon Us…
The TMG Team wishes all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
May all of you kill lots of zombies in the new year,and enjoy new maps and new games from us.
Happy Holidays!


–Zombie Bells (zombies version)
–Silent night (zombies version)
–Dreidel (zombies version)
–12 nights of (zombies version)
–Bad world
–the one (by two down)
–When Worlds Collide

and thanks to CFGfactory for the great gun models!
For those with problems try this to fix load problem.

To fix the 4011.2MB Error,  Make sure you have the following options ON/OFF:

textures Filtering and texture quality set to Automatic.
specular maps: ON  
steam overlay: OFF (Only if using steam)
then fully restart your WaW .

That should fix the issue.



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