Cheese Cube

Cheese Cube
Version: 1 By: ZK Studios

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 Welcome to the Cheese Cube! This map was created as a YouTube video series that used video comment ideas and discussions to make this map. It is, in fact, a cube of cheese that you must defend from the hungry zombies!

– Standard Der Riese (but no dogs)

– Box Map with 6 buyable doors

– Pack-A-Punch is now the Cheese-O-Matic and will change the texture and names of the weapons you place in it

– 3 trigger activated song by bigdude33

–  2 Custom perks – “Dr Dagger” and “Double Dew”

– Returning Fan-Favorited Cheese Gun w/ sight 

– BO Perks

– Double-Tap 2.0

– All perks are 2x the price (added difficulty to the map)

– Modified Mystery Box

– Re-skinned PaP weapons and zombies

– Posters on the wall were created/submitted via YouTube message by video viewers

Special Thanks to:

bamskater33 (BO Perks)
ConvictioNDR (Double-Tap 2.0)
TheMightyDude (3 trigger song)
bigdude33 (“I love cheese” song)
my entire YouTube audience for your ideas and support

Enjoy guys

The entire series of the making of this map can be found using the link below



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