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The Basics: This map was created by A-Grand as something of a homage to Verruckt and it has its similarities no doubt.

What We Like: This map does have a Verruckt look and feel to it which is really cool, you don’t see mappers make Verruckt style maps too often. Another plus here is that he included some custom guns and the PAP machine too. The map looks pretty good especially the outdoor areas are really well done and I found myself wanting to look out the window or get to an outside area and just look around and take it all in.  The layout is well done and is a lot of fun to make your way through door by door, hallway by hallway.

What We Didn’t Like: I always wish A-Grand’s maps we’re longer with more doors and more areas because they seem to end too soon. The detail on the interior isn’t great and it could benefit from a little more time spent. There is no buyable ending or even really a last stand room on this map either unless you watch my videos on this map where I show you how to “make” one. PART 1  PART 2

Final Word: This map was a good time and it was fun to explore another asylum type map. Probably medium difficulty if you are playing by yourself, if you are playing with friends it may be too easy but that shouldn’t stop you from firing it up for a playthrough of your own, you won’t regret it.



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