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Hey guys, 
     Welcome to the base codenamed “Town 23.” The story will be explained in the easter eggs found on this map, and in the maps to come. I won’t talk a bunch and bore you to death, so here are the features of the map:

– Custom perk – DR DAGGER
     – DR DAGGER also features a custom rock-themed jingle playing from the machine; recored by yours truely. Just a warning, I’m not exactly the greatest singer in the world. :) But you’ll get a kick out of it.

– Double Tap 2.0

– Black Ops Weapons
     – Aug, CZ75, Dragunov, Enfield, Famas, FnFAL, Galil, HK-21, RPK, M14, M16, Mac11, MP5k, Skorpion, AK-74u, and AK-47 

– Custom (Modded) weapons
     – the new Cheese Gun and Rick’s Go-To

– Black Ops Perks (Stamin-up, PHD, Deadshot, and Mule-Kick)

– Ascension Style Lander

– Boss Zombie

– No Dogs

– Richtofen Announces instead of Sam (Power-ups, box, etc)

– Richtofen and Maxis quotes can be heard during gameplay

– Several audio dialog easter eggs

– 3 Bear song egg

– Custom Player and Zombie Skins

– Main Menu button (so you don’t have to use the console)

– Map Ending

– Special NGT Zombies easter egg for each member (Spider, Hyper, Axel, and ManKiller)
(Just for fun.  dance1 )

Special Thanks to:

Bamskater33 (BO perks, Lunar Lander)
Paragalor(Boss Zombie)
TheMightyDude(3 bear song script)
frd(BO guns)
Cinnober(rotating objects)
ConvictionNDR(Double-Tap 2.0 script)
Rayjingstorm(pre-game message)

Please PM me if I missed anyone. Let’s give credit where credit is due. :)

While still fun playing solo, I’ve found that playing CO-OP on this map is much more fun than singleplayer. I suggest getting a buddy or two to help you mow down these brightly colored zombies.  brainfood1 

HINT: Proceed with caution around the Juggernog machine(s)
you may wish that you had stepped back and taken a better look. 

Enjoy guys



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