Zebba Farms

Zebba Farms

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This map features UGX Mod v1.0.3!

OZ Chapter One

Welcome to ZEBBA FARMS || Chapter one in a three part series covering the Wizard Of OZ saga.

Zebba Farms is a nicely detailed medium sized map with a few great play areas and different tactics to be discovered.


-UGX Mod v1.03

-Chaos’s little bear friends make their return.  (They love being shot)

-Art, Vision, and World Spawn Settings to give a touch of sepia like original film.


-Tons of custom artworks (all posters have something for sale ;) )

-Buyable Ending (In Regular or Arcade Only with Objectives to YES)

-Purely stock music box for Youtube Friendliness

– Moving Boxes / Pack a Punch

– Almost every weapon can be purchased somewhere in map (Thundergun and Winters Howl included) 

– Come check out the rest for yourself… NOW!

UGX Mod v1.03 is being utilized in this map.  It will be updated when UGX releases 1.1 version.

I have tweaked GUN GAME to where I feel it is more balanced.  As well as removed the degradation powerup drop.  Version 1.1 of the UGX mod will have an even better redesigned GUN GAME as well.

UGX MOD Features:

Now there are more ways to enjoy World at War’s zombie mode! Expanding on the classic zombie gameplay, we’ve included 5 separate game modes each offering a unique experience:

Gun Game: This was a favourite from UGX Christmas, and it’s been tweaked and improved to be even better than before. Compete with your friends to get enough points, so you can reach the highest gun in the cycle before they can beat you to it.

Sharpshooter: An endless cycle of random weapons is thrust upon the players, forcing you to fight off the zombie horde with whatever you’re given! This offers a fun twist on the classic zombie mode.

Bounty Hunter: A special zombie is marked in the game, and you must compete with your friends to be the first one to kill him, in order to gain a mega points bonus!

Arcade Mode: Our specially tweaked variant of traditional zombie gameplay, Arcade Mode includes 8+ new powerups and a special boss zombie round.

Classic: Un-altered classic Call of Duty zombies, but with the UGX Mod’s epic arsenal of weaponry at your disposal.

Timed gameplay can optionally be activated on all five game modes!


The UGX mod tracks stats and points gained in matches, allowing you to rank-up – this will unlock beneficial abilities or other unlockables to make your game experience persistently fun!

In addition to this there is a unique Challenges system with a variety of special prizes awarded to players who manage to master a weapon, or perform an awesome feat. This includes all-new challenges which we’ve created ourselves!

Fight off hordes of zombies with a brand new arsenal of epic weapons, including totally custom-built guns from UGX!
We’ve also been working very hard to include a huge selection of modern weapons from Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops, as well as awesome wonder-weapons such as the Thunder Gun and Winter’s Howl.


8+ New Powerups
Black Ops Quick Revive
Black Ops Thundergun, Freezegun, and Crossbow
Black Ops Sentry Gun
New Zombie Types
Custom voiceovers
Custom textures / images – LOTS of them!
Custom FX


Zebba –  For the map theme and testing

Adam Smith –  99.9 percent of the awesome art you will see in the map

Zombie Break Room – Couple fun things in map themed for them

CoDMapper –  Testing and scripting help

Nukem – Windmill  (Boy that thing rocks!) – Testing

Quizz –  CORN! and testing 

Katie (Czarmorte) –  Testing / Reviving

HDCrazedGamer (Nefarious) –  Trailer

Rampage 619 –  Although unused, put a lot of work in to early ideas

EssoFPS – Testing / Early Video

UGX Team –  UGX MOD!

Tom_Bmx –  Because you should always thank Tom :)

Thanks for playing PLEASE ENJOY!



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