Nazi Zombie Gestrandet

Nazi Zombie Gestrandet
By: bloodgod66

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Gameplay: This map is a small house with a Nacht style of course. However, it used the Der Riese mechanics such as player voices, different zombie sounds, nukes give your 400 points etc, but still no perks or PaP. The difficulty is high in this map because there are windows on almost every wall making no viable camping spot, and since this a just a small house, there is no viable training spot that I know of.

Visuals/Design: The map is very dark so it’s advised to turn your brightness up. The house is very well designed, great use of vanilla WaW textures and props.

Bugs: Zombies will sometimes get stuck on their spawn point in the window to the right of the Kar98k but will die on their own due to being stuck



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