The Shack

The Shack
By: GrantDaddy007

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Here’s my third completed map called “The Shack”.

:o*READ Before you play* :o
I made this map challenging!!! So…. Be ready for that.  I thought about making it a little easier but I found the more you play it the better you get.  Please don’t comment saying that it’s too hard and I should have made it easier.  I MIGHT release an easier version but for now I want to challenge you to play and get better at this version! 

Here’s some tips to help you beat the map!!

  • (If solo)Buy Revive and always make sure you have it!!
  • Buy Jugg (5 hit)
  • Train!!!! Get the zombies in a bunch before you open fire!
  • Anywhere there is a visible teddy… there is an easter egg nearby.
  • There are free weapons (some PAP) use them!!
  • Buyable X2… use it (500 sec respawn)

(I made a solo Tips video that will also help you out. Video is at the end of post)

Maps Features:

  • The Tom_Bmx Axe (thanks to Tom_Bmx)
  • Quizz’s impact nades (thanks to Quizz)
  • Custom Zombie Counter
  • No Dogs
  • Custom Weapons
  • Black Ops Perks
  • Teleporting
  • Music
  • Solo revive (works so use it!!!!)
  • Buyable Powerups
  • No Character voices
  • Buyable Ending
  • Custom PAP skins (thanks to SlashSgt)
  • 5 Hit Jugg
  • Custom textures
  • Free Weapons
  • A ton of detail
  • Runners!!! (not from the start but they are coming!!!!!)
  • Last but most important Hidden Easter Eggs(must be found to progress to the end)

Special Thanks to:

I have a WIP on my youtube channel so if you’re interested in how it looked making it here’s the link.

Release Video

Video from my WIP with some pics



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