The Shack For Tots

The Shack For Tots
By: GrantDaddy007

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Alright Guys… You asked for it so… I did my best to make it happen!!!!
Here’s the easier version of “The Shack”

The Shack For Tots…

Here’s the changes I made…

  • Round color(bottom left) is White instead of Red.
  • You spawn in with 500 instead of 200 points
  • Zombies don’t run from the start and don’t sprint at all.
  • Axe kills give you 90 instead of 70 points
  • Quick Revive is now 500 points
  • Buyable Double points is 1500 instead of 2000 points also the respawn time is less.
  • and Finally… You Can make Crawlers!!!! (MrZombiesFanatic’s video says you need 3 or more but that’s only on the original “The Shack”) The Shack for tots can just have 1 crawler.

Hope you guys enjoy the new version of the map! I’ve spent a lot of time trying to make this map the best that it can be… and I just want it to be fun for everyone!

Big thanks to UGX-Mods for letting me release this map on here!!! My next map will have the ugx mod in it!

Special Thanks to:
Also to anyone I may have missed over at ZM



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