Baseball Field 2

Baseball Field 2
By: Jei9363

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Takes place in a Baseball Field(obviously).


  • Has black ops guns/perks
  • Has a pretty cool wonder weapon called A Summers Breeze, which seems to turn the zombies invisible but they can still hit you
  • Has Death Machine/Wonderwaffe as a drop and you can run a lot faster with the death machine than you can on black ops, but you cant sprint
  • Has a solo load video
  • Has 2 custom perks one we have seen in a couple other maps (coupon queen) and one brand new (slug soda)
  • Has Electric Cherry from Mob of the Dead
  • Secret way to get to Pack a Punch


  • 4 perk only limit
  • No Buyable ending, I understand the mapper hates them but it feels like it makes the map more fun when you have a goal in mine
  • The Wonder Weapon seemed to take my Jugg away if I spammed it too much, which could get annoying
  • Not enough weapons on the walls, best one was mp40, so you had to constantly keep hitting the box which was giving me even worse weapons

Aside from the Negatives this was a really awesome designed map and I loved it, I would definitely recommend playing this map if you havent yet. If you loved the first Baseball Field then you will absolutely love this map, hes taken everything great about the first Baseball Field and made it into something amazing.

Level of Detail: 8/10
Custom Content: 10/10
Fun Scale: 7/10
Replayablility: 8/10

Score: 33/40



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