Nazi Zombie Skate Park

Nazi Zombie Skate Park
By: Bamskater33

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The Basics:  A giant winding skatepark filled with ramps, half-pipes and zombies. Zombies are clearly not of fan of skateboarding and for that reason alone they deserve to die a horrible death.

What We Liked: The idea alone warrants a playthrough. It is fun to make your way through to the end of the map and there is even a place that you can slide all the way down to the starting area for when you get into trouble.

What We Didn’t Like: The map is very simple and lacks much replay value. There isn’t a whole lot to do and may be left wondering where the mapper was trying to go with this map because it just ends in a somewhat odd way.

Final Word: Your enjoyment of this map is going to rest solely on how much of a thrill you get out of killing zombies in a very basic looking skatepark. This map gave me the same feeling as I get with 1st gen video games, it’s fun to bust it out once in a while but my memory of it is better than it really is.



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