Return to Kneipe Der Untoten UGX Edition

Return to Kneipe Der Untoten UGX Edition
By: W1NG3D

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W1NG3D is certainly a community veteran who is also currently developing community favorites such as Infection Ward and Zombie Chernobyl.

Setting: The map takes place where the original Kniepe der Unoten left off. You are back in the same bar, but time has passed and the bar has clearly been overrun for a while.

Positives: The map is beautifully detailed, and although it is a revisiting of the original, it still has new areas that make it unique. It’s fun to notice the subtle changes in ambiance that allude to the original map, such as the crashed medic jeep in the wall – this is the jeep that circled the outside streets in the first map.

Negatives: I feel the map’s size leaves a bit to be desired. The only time you spend in the basement is the few seconds it takes you to buy Speed Cola, and you don’t go outside unless you need to turn the power on or hit the box. However, I don’t think this map advertises itself as anything more than it is, so this is at most a minor complaint. Also there weren’t any pleasant bathroom surprises from any floating heads.

Conclusion: This is a true classic of a map which has a lot of replay value and visuals. It’s unique from the first version of the map, yet brings things into balance with references to the story of the first edition of the map. There’s two versions, one with the UGX Mod and one which only features classic options. 

Level of Detail: 8/10
Custom Content: 7/10
Fun Scale: 10/10
Replayablility: 10/10

Score: 35/40



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