Nazi Zombie MTA

Nazi Zombie MTA
By: Ag0rak

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Finally managed to finish working on my 1st zombie map. I started this map in February and managed to finish this just a few days ago. I’m not an expert in map-making/details, so sorry about the lack of exquisite amount of details.  :P

So what does this map have?
-No teleporters
-Pack a Punch
-Black ops perks (BO1 Quick Revive, and BO2 Double Tap included)
-Tweaked some weapons, along with certain weapons being buyable off the wall. (assuming you find them ;) )
-Bank System
-Working Train System**Press train button to reset train in order to go back**(Do NOT jump inside of the train, or get in front of the train’s path. You will get stuck!
-A train that can down you/kill you.
-Buyable Ending
-Tom’s Music Box (Features most of the zombie maps theme song.)
-Zombie Counter
-Hidden Bowie Knife
-One or two secret EE.

This map is based off of three locations in NYC, 47th-50th Street Rockefeller Center, 7th ave-53rd Street, and 59th Street-Columbus Circle. (Not 100% accurate though. I tried to the best of my abilities.)

**NOTE: To load up this map, you will have to find nazi_zombie_cocks in the mod list. Reason being was that I had a hard time trying to get the map work in the first place (took me several tries  :breakcomp: ) before I got it right. And changing the map name to the name I wanted, kept screwing things up for me so I decided to leave it as it is now. **

Thanks to:
-Tom for the music box tutorial, as well as the other basics/101 tutorials required for map making  :cheerful_h4h:  :You_Rock_Emoticon:
-Geek008 for making my trains work (even though he managed to break them during testing >.> ) Also for making the background menu image, loading image, map image, and co-op image.  dance1
-Tremnor for the bank system.
-Cinnober for rotating objects tutorial.
-ConvictioNDR for the BO2 Double Tap Tut.
-Mrhankey91 for the script-placer and zombie counter.

**Known issues**

-When you die, you may spawn with no gun. To compensate, there is a buyable colt where QR is located. (Not sure whether if it’s one one gun only or buy one and buy another gun.)
-In the starting area, you can see through the road and see a few small things (nothing major really.)
-After entering the first station, some zombies will be stuck in the next area. It is easily fixed by simply buying the next debris.
-Somehow, with mule kick you get 4 guns…



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