Beach Town

Beach Town
By: jei9363

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he Basics: Jay was kind enough to take a basic idea I had for a map and to make it a reality using his own creative vision and expert mapping jiu jitsu. This map was birthed from my own desire for a NukeTown style map with more places to go and things to do and even some additional mystery.

What We Like: The map looks beautiful with its tropical theme being brought to life complete with fog and wind and lots of detail in many areas. The layout I feel is a great strength of the map with its narrow pathways and tight choke points as well as many ramps, ziplines and escape routes so you never feel completely trapped. It’s got a short easter egg that will require some thinking to complete as well as a mini easter egg to gain access to the PAP machine. The UGX Mod was a must for me and is a great addition to what I feel is a complete experience.

What We Didn’t Like: There was the plan to make a water tornado that would move around the map to keep players from camping anywhere for too long but it just didn’t make the cut due to time and some mapping issues. There were also some steps to the easter egg that didn’t make the final version which could have added to the adventure and replayablilty.

Final Word: I am very proud of this map and I know a ton of effort went into making this map the best it could be. It’s a heck of a lot of fun with many great areas to run around and just have a good time in. I imagine with 3 or 4 players all running around things would get pretty crazy. A big thanks to Jay for his work on this.


If you have any questions, comments or any of the links are broken please email me at [email protected]. Thanks : )



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