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The Basics: Here is your chance to cross something that is most certainly on your bucket list – explore a Nazi military base that’s overrun by the living dead. Yes!

What We Like: A-Grand’s maps always looks pretty good an this one is no exception. The layout of the map is also fun and offers you different ways to unlock the map so you don’ t have to do the same thing every time. There are areas to camp and areas to run circles although they might be too tight for some people. There are some custom guns in the box and of course the gun sounds are amazing!

What We Don’t Like: Once you open everything up there isn’t much to do, you really have to make up your own fun at that point or just go for a high round. Outside of some guns there aren’t any custom features and there is no buyable ending.

Final Word: Your level of enjoyment will depend on how much the layout of a map means to you verse custom features and bells and whistles. There is plenty of fun to be had with this map and I really enjoy it, but if maps have to be loaded with custom features for you to enjoy them then this one may not hold your attention for more than one playthrough.



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