Zombie Unit

Zombie Unit
By: EmptyCell

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Hi, guys…
This is my second map…
Please, read all of Description, there are tips for hidden thingies :)

Zombie Unit

You (and your mates, if you play coop) are going to Survivors Unit.
They said it will be safe here, and you will get some rest.
But you know, gates was abadoned and nobody was around here…
You are went to main facility… But what happens
Well, you don’t get a rest again

Improvements compared Tunnelrat

– Zombie Counter
– Custom Menu Music
– Custom Music in Music Player (finally)
– There aren’t stuckable doors (or debris)!!!
– At start you have 8 nades (but if you get max ammo, you will have only 4!)
– You can get bazooka (But hey… Try to get it)
– Perks (PS: You don’t have to turn power on, and vending machines, if you will prone before them, you will get little amount of money)
– Aaaaand buyable ending
– Actually I forgot about super last room support with PPSH

Some Credits
JoeyBBB – For Help
Tom_BMX – For Music Player
ZM Community – For Help, too

Known Bugs
– Before Admin Room, you can camp and they will not come for you… (But I hope you will play fairly)
– Few another bugs, I forgot about them ┬áspanking1 , sorry :D

I hope you enjoy this one…
I know, its nothing extra, but I think its decent. (I hope)

And again, I strongly recommend to play this with friends
More friends = More fun :)

Some fact: Write down at comments, if you found ”OWNED!” sign… :)

TIP: In last room, where are these soldiers, look under stairs, you will find something



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