Aufgegeben (Abandoned)

Aufgegeben (Abandoned)
By: iNSANiTY3241

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Hello Guys! This is by far my best map no-lie! This is Probably going to be my last map since the summer is almost over! :( But dont worry I will be back with great maps! So anyway here are the features…
-Starting Pistol as always iNSANiTYS LIL FRIEND (FULL AUTO COLT)

-Black Ops Perks

-Black Ops weapons

-Fixed Juggernog

-Fixed Solo Quick Revive

-NEW*! Easter Eggs

-Hidden Doors

-Hidden Rooms

Team 41 has already been killed by the infected and now Team 32 (YOU) is all that is left… You were sent of to see on an abandoned place, To see if anything “weird” Is going on. You reveal something really shocking………



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