By: Erebus

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The Basics: The map begins in what looks like a crude military bunker or camp of some kind out in the middle of the desert. It reminded me a lot of the camp from Resident Evil Extinction with all the chain-link fence and sand dunes.

What We Like: As with all maps by Erebus the layouts of his maps are crazy good and this one is no exception. There are a good number of doors to open above ground before you even begin the real journey. Once you unlock the underground section and see how HUGE the place is you realize how small you are an how far you are going to have to go. There is a creative system of switches that you must hit  in a certain order to be able to gain access to the final area with the buyable ending. There are also some Black Ops perks scattered around for your enjoyment.

What We Didn’t Like: This map has only the standard WAW weapons which is almost unacceptable these days. There are no custom features really at all which is sad considering how great some added detail and features could make an already really fun map.

Final Word: This map may get overlooked by some people just because it lacks the detail and shine that a lot of modern maps seem to have, and that is sad to say the least. This map is really fun and deserves to be played and appreciated as do all of Erebus’ maps. This guy knows a thing or two about fun and his love for what he does really comes out in his work.



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