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The Basics: Zombies and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly and like shotguns and faces. This map is a full on tribute to our favorite candy collecting, black cat murdering holiday of the year.

What we liked: This map starts you out in some crazy treehouse type buildings; think treehouses for serial killers and you are getting warm. The look and feel of this map just screams Halloween and is really well done. I give presentation a 10 on this map. It captures the fear of heights, fear of isolation, and fear of getting eaten by zombies at tree top height perfectly. It also has plenty to explore and some places to train and camp depending on how you wanna play it. There are even a few custom guns and perks thrown in for good measure.

What we didn’t like: There isn’t much to do on the map past survival, but since this was made for an October mapping contest last year this is far more than I think anyone was expecting anyway. Some of the gun sounds are off a bit and sometimes it sounds like your friend across the map is firing a gun right next to your eardrum. 

The final word: If you looking for a fun Halloween themed map to run and gun on with your friends then look no further. This map is great at what it tries to do and that is to give you a good time Halloween flavored zombie killing experience. Happy Halloween everyone!




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