Nazi Zombie Challenger

Nazi Zombie Challanger
By: holty007

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Hello everyone

Nazi_zombie_Challenger – essentially a challenge map. This will be hard from the start (for instance you cant knife and kill a zombie straight away on round one it takes 2 knifes) concentrating on tight spaces with high point requirement for further areas [ if you can find the buy-able ;) ]  adds a small degree of team play – essentially forcing people to use there money  for the greater of the team rather than just hording your points for that shiny juggernog.

As this is essentially my first proper map (edited off spiders_bite) there are no custom textures/ guns or perks. How ever i have tried to incorporate fresh ideas into the map with the buy-able doors.

 As i have made this as a challenge map there will be the following changes to your normal zombie mode:

– Higher Health Zombies  (zombies start with double the hp of normal)
– No Dogs round (so no free max ammo)
– No Power ups (its a challenge – not a marathon)
– Free style zombies (zombies have the ability to select which windows to attack from to try and pincer co-op players)
– Fast rounds (no rest for the wicked)
– Some Doors will require a little bit of searching before you can open them.



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