The Cobos

The Cobos
By: shippuden1592

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Hello people who love zombies this time I bring you my first custom zombie map which is basically a part of my neighborhood I hope you like.

*Kino Der Toten Teleport
*Custom Traps
*Perks BO + 2 (special)
*Custom Skins
*BO Shaders
*Zombie Counter
*Adding Verruckt Runners


Special Thanks
*YaPh1l (Help with problems and great intro)
*treminaor (tutorials and UGX-MOD)
*Tom_BMX (music box and anti-cheat)
*SajeOne (tutorials)
*Mrhankey91 (Zombie Counter)
*ADDICTED (Kino der toten teleport)
*bamskater33(BO Perks and traps)
*ZOMB1E-KLLR (tutorials and Perks)
*alzan12 (End game teleport)
*losangeles26 (Verruckt Runners )

And many people who helped me more I thank you



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