Nacht Der Toten Walder

Nacht Der Toten Walder
Version: 1.1 By: Weezy428

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OK so this is my first map and it took a little under a year, so I hope you all enjoy it. Let me know if you find any bugs and/or glitches so I can fix them. Thanks.

Story: Its A dark and Stormy night, the heroes are escaping from what they thought was their worst nightmare, running through the endless woods away from the chaos of  Shi No Numa they come upon a strange bar in the middle of nowhere. Soon they realize the bar is far from safe. They discover after scouting the area more puzzles seem to unfold. Now their mission is to survive this horror in the woods to reach the end of this madness. Can you make it through the night?? Can you survive, Nacht Der Toten Wälder?

I especially want to thank Instakill115 for putting in the time for these bad ass trailers.

What’s Included:

Der Riese script 1.4 (large map)
Weather(Thanks to Crackshot,HOGRampage and Cinnober)
Custom Power-ups
Hidden PAP room
Custom AASB weapon skins
Custom AASB treasure box
Pandora box (4 locations)
Tom_Bmx Music player (5 custom songs)(Thanks to Tom_Bmx)
some special  FX’s
Custom zombie FX’s (With the help from Im The Earth)
No Dogs(thanks to Tome_Bmx, Cinnober)
Shi No Numa and Der Riese Zombies
Quizz’s Impact-Nades(Thanks to Quizz)
Buyable ammo(HOGRampage, Cinnober)
Buyable ending(thanks DON GOONY)
Flogger(A must!)(thanks Bookable)
Zipline(A must!)
3 Easter eggs to hidden zones and to complete ending(thanks Activaler)
Lazer trap(Thanks Bamskater33)
Boss zombieHave fun!!(Fixed scripts from YaPh1l thanks alot ,thanks Paragalor)
Special perk machine( thanks TheGtlad, also thanks to OnlineX420 for model)
Couple custom barriers (thanks Rabbit and ArcadeRetro)
Custom menu screen(thanks Rampage_619)
Original custom menu music made by me and my buddy Frodo
Bamskater33’s power up machine
BO2 huds (Thanks OnlineX420)
cod4 black view model hands/start with Molotov’s (thanks to Nikolai Belinski, Deathclonic,Sajeone)
Also thanks to:
One man
And thanks to anyone who has helped by tutorials And responding to my problems! dance1
New Fixes for 1.1:

Black ops solo quick revive (Thanks Bamskater33)
boss fixed thanks to YaPh1l
Boss drops new powerup (might get ammo? U might not?) Thanks again to YaPh1l
Easter eggs were made a lot easier to find
Samantha sound added to Easter egg so you know when you hit the item correctly. YaPh1l again
Matching Emblems added to doors.
Many bugs were fixed and clips (including lazer trap)
Wonderwaffa/jugg problem (fixed)
pap lazers were removed (something messed them up)
Some door are lower in price
Some new Zombie spawn zones
Trems bank added, thanks to treminaor.

Again Thanks to everyone who has had fun with this map i hope you enjoy 1.1 and im sorry it took so log to come out with this new version.

Thanks to my alpha and beta testers:
Nikolai Belinski
and to anyone else i did not mention i apologize i drink and smoke too much to remember a years worth of testers but thanks a shit load, you know who u are.



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