Nazi Zombie World

Nazi Zombie World
By: Gamer9294

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Hello, everyone

this is my first zombie map:  Nazi Zombie World

small description:
This brand new zombie map called “Nazi Zombie World” is the first zombie map that i have uploaded here on

I hope you like the new zombie map.

it takes place in the beginning of the official zombie map “Moon” that part of the earth, after teleporting is your view in a kind of snow country,
find a way to be able to teleport back to the wasteland where you can upgrade with the Pack A Punch Machine again


* Normal details into the map
* 10 Perks Machines
* 6 Treasure Chests (magic boxes)
* Moon Style Teleporter
* start location (PAP location) – are zombies runners
* Buyable weapons from wall
* some fx’s changed color.
* Secret Buyable Ray_gun
* 2 Shootable secret teddybears
* PaP Machine (Pack A Punch)
* Easter egg
* 9 powerups, 5 normall, 4 custom powerups
* Buyable Auto turrets
* Eletric Traps.
* Dogs rounds

* Weapons from: 
. World at War
. Modern Warfare 1
. Black Ops 1

it’s a funny zombie map :D

i have playing with a friend for 2 players and we have 41 rounds survived :D
that was awesome well like around 800 zombies on a round :D  :D

Special thanks and credit to:

– YaPh1l – scripts
– bamskater33 – tutorials
– OnlineX420 – black ops models
– Frd – tutorial = tito from – for bo guns
– RAMPAGE_619 – tutorial powerup perks – Yaph1l fixed script. 

and another people from
that posted a tutorials.
so everyone with scripts, tutorials, models,
or something else thank you very much.

Best regards,



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