Apex Mirage

Apex Mirage
Version: 1.1 By: toomeyp1992 (Apex)

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This map was a quick project that’s been “finished” for quite some time. This map is probably THE most challenging map out there. In my opinion. my goal with this was to make a map that is IMPOSSIBLE to train. mission success(hopefully).

B.O 2 shaders
Buyable ending for 75,000
EE that unlocks buyable ending/ PAP
Buyable max ammo
Buyable 2x
Zombie’s that increase health twice the normal ammount
Verruckt sprinters from ROUND 1 !!!
edited gun scripts to help with uber strong zombies
Loads of wall weapons
PAP machine
Buyable PPSH (though the thompson is the best gun with the new weapon scripts)
High barrier prices
Custom FX- Zombie don made the most win fog fx ever!
Zombie transversals
Random PERK locations
Free perk powerup/drop- TY Gtlad for the wins
Custom perk HUD
Zombie skins- TY x-president
PAP weapon skins- TY quizz

the purple ammo can/2x is compliments of Slash SGT
oh and ty slash sgt for win picture.

known glitch:
and this one really is not a glitch, but since zombies spawn right away and sprint, be prepared to run like hell to your suviving team mates. otherwise your dead again.

Beta testers:

Eric Engineer
APEX crew
deathclonic- found about every glitch/ bad spot

Additional credits:
Dave- for the pause screen, and menu screen
Flame-for the beta testing, and EPIC WIN/video
The zombie don, for helping me at 5 am a couple times. YAY insomnia
TOM for buyable ending
mxa for beta testing fails 
APEX crew for being so APEX



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