Cabin In The Woods

Cabin In The Woods
By: misterhoff2

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Cabin in the Woods:

Map contains BF3 8 weapons.

This is supposed to be a hard map. That’s why the vision is how it is. Only one perk Jugg. Only one weapon slot. Verruckt and Natch sprinters.

With buyable ending. 


I have only beaten it once on solo by round 9, however co-op has been a challenge having played it 6 times and yet coming so close to beating Happy

Are you up for the challenge?

Post pics of the round you beat it on, and enjoy.

jzob – acb 90 
blackboss – mapping knowledge
swazzy – help with zombie anims, eye fx, zombie models general scripting wins Happy
mightydud – scripts

Tom – his amazing tools of which none of this would be possible
addicted – menu scripts
rollon – helping me get started with guns
elfen – maya 8.5 crack, I love you Happy
modsrep – for radiant tuts
zurf3r – bf3 models Happy

If you spot any feature in the map that I did not credit for please do pm and I will give you credit Happy

Fixes that will be made for the future:
Running anims for jackhammer
world models corrected



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