Untergrund (Underground)

Untergrund (Underground)
Version: 2 By: Alerion

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-Perk Machines
-Hidden Audiofiles
-Moonstyle Teleporter
-A shootable door

-the UGX-Team
-JR Imagine
    -The Devil Wears Prada

You enter an abandoned church. Soon you realize that you’re trapped.. but you are not alone. As you try to escape you will reveal the buildings secrets.
Even though this is my fist map, I decided to upload it here. I’ve spent a lot of time to make it look quite well even though I used it to learn almost everything I know about radiant.
I intended to record custom soundfiles for the eastereggs but I started another project so there are some parts of songs and interludes to find now. Even though this map is called Untergrund (underground), I focused on the outside area but some parts of it are only accessable via the church’s cellar.

-Singleplayer Loadscreen
-BO Quickrevive for Singleplayer
-Small Light/Terrain adjustments
-Customized Perk Icons

Update V2

– better terrain/blending/worldspawn/detailing
– smoother gameplay (eg. better clipping)
– slightly easier way to find the bowie-knife
– 3-radio-easter egg song
– improved doors
– working fx
– buyable ending
– an additional small easter egg
– slightly better menu
– better zombie spawns
– anti-cheat script
– more spawns for zombies
– better hidden neon-chicken



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