Cataclysm 935

Cataclysm 935
By: NaziZombiesHD

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Here it is, Cataclysm 935.
NOTE: This is my first released map, so don’t expect it to be the most amazing map ever.

Cataclysm 935, a box map with 4 windows, one room and a hallway in case all goes wrong. Each player guards a window until you are overwhelmed then retreat to the hallway for a final stand. If all goes according to plan, you might be able to escape…

BO Weapons:
Stoner, HK21, RPK, L96A1, AK47, UZI, M1911, AUG, Commando, Dragunov, Famas, Galil, FN-FAL, KS23, Mac11, Makarov, MP5K

WAW Multiplayer Weapons:
SVT-40, Chicago Typewriter, Type 99 LMG w/ Bayonet

BO Perks & Shaders

Custom Pack A Punch Camo

3 Hidden Musical Easter Eggs

Custom Weapon Names

Buyable End Game

I hope you decide to try the map and like it. Enjoy  :D



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